Location of residential

The Talisman garden located in the historical downtown of Eger. This district of the city is green and quiet. From this location all the city offices, the central hospital, the city center and the downtown bars and restaurants are available by few minutes of walk. All the buildings of the University of Eger, are also very closed to the place. On the walkway of the fortress you can enjoy a good moorning run, but if you are  professional runner, you can reach the university running truck or the Érsek Garden running truck by few minutes of drive.


Eger is the most visited city in Hungary after Budapest. The city is very popular tourist destination. The historical baroque city is famous for the Fortress of Eger and the wines. Eger the city of the spas, hotels and gastronomy and a real student city too. The city is located at the gate of the Bukk National Park and available with 1 hour ’s highway drive from Budapest. The excellent wines of the famous Eger wine area, the popular spas of the surroundings, the beautiful nature and the hospitable people give the real essence of this city. The historical place and our traditions effecting the special feeling to live here.
The city was founded by Saint Istvan, the first king of Hungary, in 1009. During the 11th and 12th centuries, Walloon settlers came from the areas beyond the Rhine. They settled with the kings’ permission, bringing western culture to this region and acclimating the viticulture. The development of the town accelerated with their presence. In the autumn of 1552, Captain István Dobó and his handful of soldiers were successful in defending the fortress of Eger and northern Hungary from the expanding Turkish Empire, this heroic battle was written by the famous Hungarian writer, Géza Gárdonyi in the Stars of Eger. This novel is a very important part of the Hungarian culture and Eger is a famous symbol of the heroic battle and the loyality.


Wine region

Beside its historic sights and its thermal baths, Eger is famous for its wines. It produces both red and white wines of high quality. The famous and traditional varieties of the region are Egri Leányka, Egerszóláti Olaszrizling, Debrői Hárslevelű (whites), and Egri Bikavér (a red). More recently, Chardonnay and Pinot noir wines have appeared. The region’s wines are said to bear a resemblance to those of Burgundy. Although the quality of the wines deteriorated in the second half of the 20th century, especially the cuvees, Eger is slowly recovering its reputation as a wine region.

Programs of Eger

Eger as the most popular turist town in Hungary, pays special attention to the cultural programs. In every years has traditional periodic cultural and gastronomy fests and festivals. The 4 days, Bull Bload wine festival in agust, the Stars of Eger wine fest, in the spring, the Eger Music Fest in the summer, the street music festival, the street kitchen festivals, the advent events and many other cultural programs.

Gastronomy and free time

Eger as the country town of Heves country, has many solutions for free time programs. Many sport clubs and sport places are available in the city. Around Eger there are many riding schools and horse farms waiting for the horse riders. In the Bukk National Park there are beautiful excursion places.
In the city you can find lot of bars and restaurants with europian, asian and arabic kitchens.  In the Szépasszony valley and arround the city are planty of small and bigger wine cellars where you can taste the perfect wines of Eger. You can find theater, cinemas, museums, parks, and many schools in the city. Eger is a middle size central europian city, with famous history, nice baroque buildings, tasty wines and restful spas. The citizens of the city are realy hospitable people.

Eger as student city

Eger is a traditional Hungarian student city. We have 13 elementary schools and 19 secondary schools in our city. The Eszterházy Károly University and the Eger College of Theology are represents the higher education in Eger. The elementary schools are provides the good edducation of the local children but the secondary shools, the collage and the university attracts many children and young people from Hungary and from abroad too. This big student community and the many turists, together with the nice local people are effecting a real vibration and good city life in Eger.

Bukk National Park

The city is located at the gate of the Bukk National Park. The national park available with 15 minute ’s drive from the city center. The 95% of the  national park is covered with forest and perfect place for hunters and for hikers and bikers too. This is Hungary’s largest national park, founded in 1976 and  situated in the northern mountains of Hungary. Bükk’s important geological features include various karst formations within its limestone mountains – particularly caves (once inhabited by pre-historic people), swallow-holes, and ravines. The country’s longest and deepest cave, Istvánlápa, is located in the park too. Bükk National Park also contains ninety species of nesting birds, some considered endangered.

Thermal baths

The Eger region is the region of the thermal baths. The Eger Thermal Bath, which opened its gates in 1932, is one of the most beautiful and well-known spas of Hungary. The park-bath located in a 50 000 sqm area is a true paradise for those endeavouring to recover and have fun. The covered-open water adventure island has 13 pools, sports fields, a playground and direct access to the famous Turkish Bath. Guests can enjoy the favourable effects of radon curative water and sulphurous thermal water among modern circumstances, all year round.
There are many other famous thermal baths located in the Eger region. One of the most popular the Egerszalók slat hill. But the Demjén thermal park, Demjén lake bath and cave bath, the Zsóri and Bogacs thermal spas, tha Salvus thermal bath also very good destination for the funs of thermal culture.