Popular destinations


All the popular destinations available by few minutes of walk

Fortress of Eger: next door

Dobo square: 5 min.

Minaret: 3 min.

Hospital: 4 min.

House of Gardonyi (bus station) 5 min.

City market: 5 min.

University Main Blocks: 8 min. (south)

University campus: 8 min. (east)



The Talisman garden located in the historical downtown of Eger. The residental countain 21 modern flats and 27 underground garages. This area of the downtown, is very quiet and very good located. The city offices, the hospital, the center of the city and the downtown bars and restaurants are available by few minutes of walk from the apartements. All the buildings of the university, on Almagyar hill and in the city center also available by 8-10 minutes of walk. All the apartements have view to the city or to the Fortress of Eger, from some units both of the view are available.