„ All the important things are belongs to our hearts „ Géza Gárdonyi

Residential area

The Talisman garden located in the historical downtown of Eger. We planed to build 21 modern flat in this famous historical area. This area of the downtown, is very quiet and very good located. The city offices, the hospital, the center of the city and the downtown bars and restaurants are available by few minutes of walk from the apartements, as the buildings of the university also. The residental area is totaly closed from the street side but there is a nice opened view to the city from the flats and from the garden too. Under the buildings located an undergrand garage with 27 parking places.


In the Talisman garden condominuim we built 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms apartements, 42 – 145 sqm floor sizes. All the flats have terraces or balconies and the grandfloor flats have connection to the garden too. The heating and cooling system of the apartements, are hidden in the ceilings and powered by an very efficient and power saving heat pump system. The windows are high quality and energy saving Berg models with built in, motor-driven aluminium blinds. We planed a very clear- out arhitectural design in this significant historical area but we build a really modern and comfortable homes to our customers.


Eger is the most visited city in Hungary after Budapest. The city is very popular tourist destination. The historical baroque city is famous for the Fortress of Eger and the wines. Eger the city of the spas, hotels and gastronomy and a real student city too. The city is located at the gate of the Bukk National Park and available with 1 hour ’s highway drive from Budapest. The excellent wines of the famous Eger wine area, the popular spas of the surroundings, the beautiful nature and the hospitable people give the real essence of this city. The historical place and our traditions effecting the special feeling to live here. Find home in Eger we offer a good place for it.